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• Our services

Caring City Debrecen

We target citizens over 60 years, who live in their homes, are able to care about themselves, are open to improve their living conditions to be more active and healthy, and are ready to accept volunteers and their caring help services. Our municipality carries out a study, analysing and assessing the needs and possibilities to provide home care services for the elderly with the involvement of volunteers. These are meant to be supplementary services, beyond the ones provided by the regular health and social care institutions. Based on the conclusions of the needs assessment – surveying more than 400 citizens over 60 years – we implement a model programme for a wide range of services, which are most needed by the elderly. These services include reading, chatting, household tasks, helping in the use of IT tools, accompanying to community events, etc. in order to help maintaining a healthy, active and independent life. The service provision is coordinated and supervised by the Local Government and local stakeholders.

Local Stakeholders Group


Activities are coordinated by the Local Stakeholder Group (LSG). Members of the LSG are delegated by the Local Government, the local hospital (Kenézy Gyula Kórház és Rendelőintézet), the Social Service of the Municipality of Debrecen, the Charity Service of the Reformed Church being experienced with voluntarism, and the local civil organisation representing the interests of the elderly.


The LSG reviews and comments the documents being elaborated in the framework of the project, assists the recruitment, selection, training and supervision of volunteers and coordinates the service provision to the elderly.


The LSG provides overall professional support to the project implementation.

• Coordination Centres

During the implementation of the project the Local Government of Debrecen hosts the Local Coordination Centre, which ensures the professional coordination and supervision of project activities. Tasks will be carried out by the well-prepared, experienced staff of the Human Recourses Department of the Mayor’s Office. They are responsible for overall coordination and organisation of social, health and charity affairs. The Human Recourses Department is located in the new city hall building, at Kálvin tér 11, 4026 Debrecen.

Caring City Debrecen

Once the project will be finalized, the Social Service of the Municipality of Debrecen will take over the tasks of the Local Coordination Centre. (Address: 4029 Debrecen, Víztorony u. 11.) Services developed in the framework of the project will be maintained and provided free of charge by the Social Service. The Centre will ensure coordination of the services of volunteers and needs of the elderly, as well as continuation of training and supervision of volunteers’ work and providing consultancy.

• Voluntarism

Volunteers will be recruited from two main groups. First, we look for are actively living people over 60 years, still working or retired, who are healthy enough and have sufficient leisure time and motivation to help others. Second, university or college students are also welcome. They will be selected taking into account the needs of the elderly who will use their services.

Tasks to be done are diverse and require people from different ages, with different education and qualification. Thus, volunteers may come from any fields, with varied interests. They will receive training and conclude a framework agreement with the Coordination Centre. Once the offered services of the volunteer are matched with the needs of an elderly, a supplementary contract will be concluded, specifying the cooperation of the parties and the exact tasks.

Recruitment and training experts put high emphasis on the personality, communication skills, expertise and competences of the volunteers, in order to ensure that they can provide adequate helping care services for the elderly.

• Contacts

Lead expert:
Dr. Edit Bene

Mayor’s of Office of the Municipality of Debrecen, Head of the Human Resources Department

E-mail: human.fo@ph.debrecen.hu

Local Coordinator of the LSG:

Dr. Julianna Marosi-Rácz
Mayor’s of Office of the Municipality of Debrecen

E-mail: intezmenyfelugyeleti@ph.debrecen.hu

Contact person:
Mrs. Györgyi Mustosné Matula
Mayor’s of Office of the Municipality of Debrecen

E-mail: mustosne.gyorgyi@ph.debrecen.hu
Phone: +36 52 517 695

Contact person for voluntarism:

Vad Lilla

Foundation of the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service

E-mail: vad.lilla@jobbadni.hu

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