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Here you can read about our services and the activities of the local stakeholders group.

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• Our Services

Caring City Hódmezővásárhely

Hódmezővásárhely launched its „Healthy Vásárhely Programme” in 2008. The Programme is managed by the Health Improvement Office of the local hospital and its main objective is to raise awareness towards the importance of health protection, prevention and healthy lifestyle, thus improving the general health condition of the local population.

The Office offers many opportunities and services for the citizens which help them to become more conscious about their health. The key activity is the individual consultancy service based on detailed assessment of one’s health status. Habits regarding physical activity, nutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption are all surveyed. Diseases of family members and regularity of attendance of health screenings are also examined. Based on the results of the health status assessment a Health plan is prepared for the client, which provides recommendations for maintaining or improving one’s health status.

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Weight-control programme

In case the health status assessment reveals that the client’s BMI is between 25-35 kg/m2, possibility for participation in a weight-control programme is offered. The programme helps the participants to learn methods how they can control their bodyweight in everyday circumstances, and they become ready to share this knowledge with their family and friends as well.

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Physical activity sessions

The Office also offers regular physical activity sessions for those who took part in the health consultancy service.

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Health days and screening days

Besides, large-scale community events, e.g. health days and screening days are also organised in order to study the health status of the local population and give them advice for health improvement.

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Active communications

The Office pursues active communication, using the Internet, printed publications and other media appearances to spread information and knowledge regarding health protection and health improvement.

Further information on our activities and services can be found here:


Local Stakeholders Group

The LSG involves experts from different fields, so that a complex approach can be applied. The following organisations have delegated experts to the LSG:

Local Government of Hódmezővásárhely


Delegate: Dr. Margit Ujházi-Pál

Association of Pensioners of Hódmezővásárhely


Delegate: Dr. Judit Nagyné Bánfi (representing the elderly)

For the Future of Szikáncs Association


Delegate: Ms. Erika Asztalos (representing the civil society)

Volunteer Centre of Hódmezővásárhely


Delegate: Dr. Judit Nagyné Bánfi (representing the elderly)

Contact Centre of the Multi-purpose Association of the Small-region of Hódmezővásárhely


Delegate: Delegate: Mr. Miklós Lénárt (representing the social field)

Health Care Centre of Csongrád County – Hódmezővásárhely-Makó


Delegate: Ms. Zsanett Szántai (local coordinator) and Dr. Nóra Gazdik (representing women and gender equality)

Partners and stakeholders also include many civil society organisations of the small region.

Caring City Hódmezővásárhely

• Coordination Centre

The local coordination centre was established under the name “50+ Volunteer Centre for Active Elderly”. The Centre is operated by the Health Improvement Office of the Health Care Centre of Csongrád County – Hódmezővásárhely-Makó.

The Volunteer Centre is responsible for recruiting, training, coordination and mentoring of volunteers, in order to improve the quality of life of people above 5­0 years. Its services include the organisation of programmes and events, provision of personal support, consultancy and the operation of a helpdesk.

The key task of the Volunteer Centre is to match the needs of the elderly with the services offered by volunteers. To facilitate the matchmaking, the Centre runs campaigns, explores the needs of the elderly, operates a helpdesk, maintains a database on the volunteers and the needs of the elderly and also supports more active involvement of the elderly in the programme.

Additionally, the Centre provides information on cultural, community and sporting events, as well as on health screenings and health protection measures.

• Voluntarism

Volunteers take on the work free of charge. They services create added value, help social inclusion, contribute to decrease poverty and to improve employment. To sum up, volunteers can help to make our neighbourhood and the society a better place to live.

There is no limitation regarding age, sex, education, social status, any person who undertakes the needed services can become a volunteer.

• Contacts

Mrs. Zsuzsanna Gyurisné Pethő
Programme Director, Health Improvement Office

E-mail: petho.zsuzsa@evp.hu
Phone: +36 30 442 2406

Health Improvement Office

E-mail: efi-hodmezovasarhely@evp.hu
Phone: +36 62 532 368

Volunteer Centre

Phone (free to call): +36 80 820 085

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