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Here you can read about our services and the activities of the local stakeholders group.

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• Our Services

Our new services to be introduced in the framework of the project involve thoroughly selected and trained volunteers, who will provide helping care services for the elderly in their homes. By introducing these new services the Municipality of Újbuda would like to contribute to the active, healthy, independent life of the elderly. We started the work with a comprehensive survey, exploring what are the most common needs of older people in our municipality. We concluded that volunteers could best help them in smaller household tasks, as well as in shopping, travelling and doing physiotherapy. These services are coordinated and supported by the Local Government of Újbuda in cooperation with local stakeholders (see details under the Local Stakeholders Group section).

Local Stakeholders Group

In order to organise, coordinate, supervise and continuously develop the newly introduced helping care services a Local Stakeholders Group (LSG) has been established. Members of the LSG include experts from the local government, health and social service providers operating in the municipality, as well as from the local community of the elderly.

Contacts of LSG members (and the name of the delegating institution) are provided herewith:

Local Coordinator:

Mrs. Ilona Győrffyné Molnár
Local Government of Újbuda

E-mail: molnar.ilona@ujbuda.hu

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Health care coordinator:

Mrs. Ildikó Preszuly
Szent Kristóf Újbudai Szakrendelő és Egészségügyi Szolgáltató Nonprofit Kft.

E-mail: preszuly.ildiko@szentkristofrendelo.hu

Health care coordinator

Mrs. Anikó Árvahegyi
Szent Imre Egyetemi Oktatókórház

E-mail: arvahegyia@szentimrekorhaz.hu

Social care coordinator:

Mrs. Katalin Mátics
Újbudai Szociális Szolgálat

E-mail: matics.katalin@uszosz.ujbuda.hu

Representative of the local elderly community:

Mrs. Judit Erzsébet Suszterné Pető
60 + Őrmezei Szomszédsági Közösség

E-mail: pjudit42@gmail.com

• Tasks of the LSG include:


Carrying out the needs assessment, to explore what help do elderly people need


Reviewing and commenting training materials developed for the volunteers


Coordinating the recruitment, selection and training of volunteers


Supervising the work of volunteers, providing them consultancy


Informing the local elderly about the services

The LSG has weekly meetings, organised and led by the Local Coordinator.

Caring City Újbuda koordinációs központok

• Coordination Centre

The Municipality of Újbuda has established the Local Coordination and Methodology Centre with the support of the Norway Grants. The Centre hosts the new services, i.e. training of the volunteers, collection of needs from the elderly, assigning trained volunteers for the specific tasks, as well as reporting of and consulting with volunteers on their experiences. The LSG also holds its meetings in the Centre.

The Local Government of Újbuda is a pioneer in local initiatives helping the elderly. The Municipality was among the first ones who had a local strategy for the elderly, entitled the 60+ Programme, and has implemented lots of programmes for improving the quality of life of older citizens. Thus, we believe that the Centre will gain not only local but also national importance. We plan to organise seminars for local governments, health and social care providers and NGOs, who are interested in learning about and adapting our voluntarism -based service provision model.

• Voluntarism

Volunteers will be selected by thoroughly assessing their reliability, openness, communication skills and availability. We would like to ensure that selected and trained volunteers provide adequate helping care services for the elderly, in line with their competencies. Services may include: shopping, household tasks, finding professionals for specific tasks (e.g. plumber, electrician), travelling and moving around, dealing with administrative issues, chatting, spending leisure time, accompanying to events, teaching how to handle electric devices, e.g. phone, TV, computer, etc.


Mrs. Ilona Győrffyné Molnár
Local Coordinator, Local Government of Újbuda

E-mail: molnar.ilona@ujbuda.hu
Phone: +36 1 3723470
Office: Local Government of Újbuda, Budapest, Zsombolyai utca 4. 4th floor, room 407.

Address of the Local Coordination and Methodology Centre:
1112 Budapest, Kérő utca 03.

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This project is supported by Norway Grants.

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